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VOTONOMICSOur Universe is made of data stories, not just atoms. Together we can create a better world using Collective Intelligence.#THE PROBLEM• Do you know where every dollar comes from, and ho...

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Digital Democracy


Our Universe is made of data stories, not just atoms.
Together we can create a better world using Collective Intelligence.


• Do you know where every dollar comes from, and how our Governments and politicians spend it?
• Do you know how many times politicians put their interests before yours and make you suffer?
• Do we trust our governments and politicians? Do we really know what they are doing for the voters?
• Why do we pay high taxes and politicians spend our money without transparency and accountability?
• Why common man is debt-ridden and politicians accumulate massive wealth during their active political periods?

We aim to create digital age democracy, where people and communities will have a role in driving their local socio-economic developments. We are reorganising the trust of our social system and governance to make our governments and politicians more Accountable, Responsible and Transparent (ART).

To enable digital age democracy we are creating the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ platform named VOTONOMICS, to revolutionise social development for our local communities. We are building this platform to ensure our political, social and economic systems are accountable and responsible for every dollar spent. VOTONOMICS will empower digital democracy and challenge the political campaigns, the political promises versus actual social development and actions by politicians, all powered by data. The platform will provide a democratic means to monitor and control government conduct, identify the development of concentrations of power.

VOTONOMICS platform will be fuelled by data analytics and that will enable you to view, read and experience more data journalism stories to curb fake news. Today’s stories are not living up to expectations, the print, digital and broadcast have cut back on factual and fearless reporting - it is now more of gossips than facts. Brookings survey recently finds 57 percent of the participants in the US say they have seen fake news during the 2018 elections and 19 percent believe it has influenced their vote.

With these key elements in our vision and goal, we’re going to build VOTONOMICS, the new home for Accountable, Responsible and Transparent Social Development with Data. And we need you to help us make it happen.

VOTONOMICS will focus on doing one thing accurately, and doing it exceptionally well. We will enable an accountable, responsible and transparent data platform and publish data stories with insights about issues in the political, social and economic world. The data is sourced from different layers of our ecosystem starting from governments, data suppliers, public, open data, non-profits, institutions and validated against each outcome using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It is about brilliant ideas from all around the world, powered by the crowd. This can come from distinguished professors at Harvard or from the minds of our crowd. It’s about disrupting the world with amazing socio-economic development models to tell compelling stories.

Good things are not cheap, that means we’re going to charge. But not much: we’re aiming for around 99 cents per week - that’s one coffee a month. And we will pledge 2% of any profits back to social development handpicked by our users.

We will provide the leader hat for our online fundraising supporters so you can be the front runner for our social change. You can select a country, state or community or even your favourite political party you wish to lead based on a first in. So however you access our platform — whether it’s on our website, or on your Apple and Android devices — you will get a beautifully designed experience that puts YOU first.

Tastes are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. VOTONOMICS is transforming the way people taste and use data to solve societal problems. Together we can join the dots for better social development.


We are building new models of democratic governance that will enable humanity to collaborate and address pressing global issues. We are building this for a better tomorrow, it takes time and money for great work to happen with the best outcome.

The platform is getting developed using Collective Intelligence methodologies and will lead to a future blockchain model to ensure accountability and responsibility. We will build a natural language generator to tell you beautiful data stories and use natural language processing engines to profile our political parties, politicians and social development.

VOTONOMICS will empower political parties, social enterprises, governments, organisations, start-ups and not-for-profits to identify, track and enable social development by engaging social communities. The future of democracy is digital.

We're not alone. We've lined up a team of research scholars with PhD’s who are excellent in data science, politics, social sciences, neuroscience, economics, medical science, psephology and 0usch more.

We absolutely need your help to build our VOTONOMICS platform and commission the first three pieces. We believe you'll love the data stories we have lined up: untold tales of environmental threats, inside stories about politics and exclusive reports from the most controversial research labs.

To help us get them out into the world, you can pledge anything -- from the cost of a movie ticket all the way up to a $5,000 sponsorship.

We’d love it if you pledged. We’d love it if you told your friends. We’d love if you helped us build a new way to enable Accountable, Responsible and Transparent social ecosystem. Because we think you value the taxes you are paying and deserve a better outcome in our social system.

More questions? Leave a comment here, we will ensure your comments are replied and acknowledged.


Will subscriptions be available on all devices, or are they device-specific?
Our plan is to bring VOTONOMICS across all devices. We give it to you wherever you want.

Will women be part of your team? What about people from different countries?
The cohort of data scientists and technologists we have on board are diverse -- in all sorts of ways. We are making sure to bring fresh perspectives to our work that has definitely been on our minds since we planned VOTONOMICS.

Who will be providing data and writing stories for you?
We've been talking over the last few months with some really great organisations and people in terms of sourcing the best data for this. Right now we have not officially commissioned them, and until our fundraising project is over, we're uncomfortable trading on their names.

What will be your first data story?
That would spoil the surprise!

What would I have to do to work for you?
You need to come up with an idea that has strong content, a compelling narrative and scope to work at around 2,000 words -- and show us some previous work if available. Email us at

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